Airport to Airport Cargo Courier

DCCS give airport to-airport payload dispatch facility in India, you can despatch your cargo or courier from one airport and get from another, this assistance facility includes speed, effectiveness, and dependability with financially saving service.

The airport to airport facility in Delhi and in India is an airship cargo office which means moving your products starting with one air terminal then onto the next air terminal, we offer this support in the entirety of the significant airports in India. Whatever cargo courier you need to move, we transport a wide range of things in airport to airport services like readymade articles of clothing, electronic things, automobile parts, instant pieces of clothing, medication, and any remaining items.

We have been giving logistics solutions for a very long time, our group has the correct arrangements as indicated by your prerequisite, it is a problem free office suggested for quick payload and dispatch necessities.

The airport to airport cargo courier accessible on the flights worked via Delhi Cargo Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. between the air terminals of

Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, and Ahmedabad. Our accomplices for Airport to Airport administrations are IndiGo CarGo, SpiceJet Cargo, Air India, FedEx, DHL Express, and so on

Advantages of Airport To Airport:

#1 No Cooling Period

In India, it is compulsory to keep cargo products for a cooling time of at least 24 hours, Our distribution centers are outfitted with X-beam gear, on account of which no cooling period is needed for the merchandise.

#2 24x7 Airport to Airport Delivery

We give late-night operational payload administrations, so shipment which must be conveyed in the early morning will arrive at the ideal objective next morning.

#3 Larger Capacity

Delhi Cargo Courier Services Pvt Ltd is a load administrator with planned cargo sending administrations in India and offers bigger limit administrations than other homegrown cargo forwarders. We convey a wide range of substantial load in this assistance.

We convey in Airport to Airport Delivery:

•All General Cargo

•Transitory Cargo (PER,PEM,PEF,PES)

•Postal Mails.

•Human remaining parts (HUM)

•Messenger under AWB

At present Air India Express isn't tolerating any business DG shipments (DGR) , Liveanimals(AVI) and Valuables (VAL) shipments

Air India Express rigorously follows IATA guidelines and PER is acknowledged as per the current version of IATA – short-lived freight guidelines (PCR)

Aircraft will acknowledge load for carriage, just on the off chance that it is in "Prepared for Carriage " status . Ie. Appropriately Packed , Marked , Labeled and Properly recorded with right weight of the whole shipment.

The thing ought to be pressed to withstand ordinary air transportation. The bundle ought not weaken or harm different products and the bundling material ought not reason harm to any gear or the individual who are needed to deal with the merchandise.

Transitory shipment like fish, meat ought to be stuffed so that it ought not ruin other freight just as traveler things. Fish shipments ought to be loaded with gel ice to forestall spillage . The external compartment should be wooden, styrofoam or folded fibreboard box. A waterproof polyethylene film will cover within the container. At the point when ice 3D shapes are utilized for cooling purposes, they will be stuffed in waterproof polyethylene sacks, fixed with a flexible band.

Meat shipments ought to be pressed/wrapped with muslin materials and completely covered with adequate layers of polythene covers and ought to be freezed condition to keep away from spillage .

Carrier's staff/its taking care of specialist staff has the full position to dismiss the shipment , on the off chance that they discovered any odds of spillage/spillage at any phase of tolerating the shipments.

Transporter ought to guarantee that every single bundle of the shipment comprises of complete name and address of the transporter/proctor.


Transporter ought to guarantee that AWB sticker is set on each container and all data like ORIGIN/DESTINATION/TOTAL NO OF PIECES/WEIGHT are plainly appeared.

Specialists are encouraged to book Human Remains thinking about the accompanying elements.

Look for endorsement/affirmation to advance to the objective station b) Ensure that the space is affirmed till conclusive objective c) Ensure that all records are all together.

Pressing :

The pressing material utilized for the casket ought to be sufficiently able to take the heaviness of the bundle. Least of six handles ought to be given and the areas are definite as under:

a) Head side – 1 b) Leg side – 1 c) 2 sides – 2 each

Note: The body ought to be preserved by the approved faculty as it were.

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