Train Cargo Services

Train Cargo Services

Train Cargo Services

Train Cargo Services in Delhi

One of the most economical and effective modes of transportation consumed by most of the people in India. Train Freight means delivering goods from one destination to another through railways. Deliver your packages on time through the train with Delhi Cargo Courier Services on time.

Delhi Cargo & Courier Services (DCCS) is a known logistics company that offers effective and economical train freight services. Our team is highly trained for the train consignments in a given time and we only transfer our goods in commercial trains and not in public trains. DCCL has a rail network with almost all the express train like Rajdhani Express. We offer reliable cargo services to our customers. Our team makes sure that the packages do not mix up and goods are safely delivered to the desired location on time without any damages. We make sure we work according to our customer-specific requirements.

We identified reliable services to our customers. Our facilities are entirely customized as per the requirement of our clients. we tend to work with the well-known rail network Rajdhani Express specifically for transportation to the foremost cities. you can unceasingly track your consignment with our IT and CRM team that is accessible all the time for our customers.

Our Rail CRM-"Customer Relation Management" team is trained to convey the best possible option to our customers, provides them the best advice regarding transportation, and the way to cut the value of the transportation. DCCS provides the simplest rate of train freight in India. Be it dangerous, fragile, hazardous, or of distinct sizes and shapes, we provide ideal and prompt services of delivering the packages as fleetly as attainable. we tend to handle your goods with care and that wears the simplest to coach freight services.

Why choose Train Cargo?

Rail cargo is the most consumed service in the freight sector, It is a lifeline of India for the transportation of goods to the desired pickup location in India. Railways passenger and freight contribute 60% and 25% of the internal revenue. Indian railway is the fourth largest railway network in the world, so it has one the largest freight network as well in the world. Most of the heavy freight or bulk traders are dependent on Railway. Here are some reasons for choosing rail freight.

#1 Largest Freight Network in India

India Railway operates more than 9100 trains in a single day and delivers 1,100 million tons of freight in a year. It is more than any other freight service in India. It is the fourth largest network in the world.

#2 Transportation by rail is eco-friendly

From the environmental point of view, it is an excellent freight option in comparison to both air freight or sea freight. Caring about our planet is as important as trading so, we must not ignore our mother nature. As comparing the CO2 emission of other transportation, this is the best option to go for.

#3 Fast and Reliable source of transportation

Compared to sea or road freight it is the fast and highly reliable source of transportation. Most traders operating the most in fast-moving customer goods and with heavy goods are the most reliable freight option. It is more reliable than road cargo as it can be more trusted than road freight as it is delayed due to the traffic and other road scenarios.

#4 Cost-effective freight

When it comes to shipping by rail, the cost is lower in comparison to air freight. When you have to transport heavy goods then railway is the best choice for the transportation alternative. Through this transportation method, you can save up to 10-30%

Key Feature of Rail Cargo

  •  GPS tracking available for your courier.

  •  The economical and safest way of delivery all over India anytime, anywhere, or anything.

  • Door-to-Door pick up and drop services available.

  • Provide a cost-effective solution.

  • Networking with all the express trains.

  • Cheap train cargo services also available.
  • 24x7 CRM team available for your queries or booking of train cargo

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