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Indigo Air Cargo Booking

Indigo Air Cargo Booking

We provide low-cost indigo air cargo booking 24x7 in Delhi NCR and in India. We have partnered with indigo to provide hassle-free services to our customers.


Indigo is the largest cargo company in India and one of the fastest-growing global low-cost freight providers. Indigo started its services in August 2006 with the objective to provide low-cost air cargo services. Looking to connect with people and places, Indigo also providing efficient and reliable trade and supply facilities, continues to expand the destinations and frequency of flight in India. It is known for the hassle-free and reliable services. Delhi Cargo Courier Services has partnered with one of the best cargo service providers to deliver the best services to our customers.

IndiGo CarGo awards are a recognition of their achievement in service. Below are some of those awards:

  • STAT TIMES International Award for Excellence in Air Cargo in  ‘Cargo Airline of the Year (region- India)’ in the years 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.

  • BIAL Pinnacle awards – ‘Domestic Airline of the Year for Cargo’ in 2017

Indigo Air Cargo Services - Hassle-Free Handling

General CarGo

General CarGo means shipments which in general in term and does not any special handling, basically it includes courier bags, motor parts, fabrics, garments, shoes, etc.

A shipment can only be accepted when goods are acceptable for air transportation. All the necessary documentation is required under the government regulation for the shipment of the goods.

Vulnerable Goods

vulnerable goods are expensive goods in comparison to the general cargo goods category with a declared value of $500 per kg but not more than $100. Live animals, perishable goods, and human remains are excluded

Vulnerable goods required more handling than General CarGo. Generally, electronics goods come under this category like Cameras, Laptops, mobile phones, watches, paintings, etc.

Dangerous Goods

Dangerous goods are substances that are capable of creating a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment. Dangerous goods by air can cause a safety hazard and can cause real damage to air transportation. There are some items that are at suck risk at any time whether transported or not. Dangerous goods can generate toxic fumes or fire and can even explode if not handled safely.

Goods that are accepted by Indigo Cargo are dry ice as packaging material and radioactive material. Goods that come under dangerous goods are acids, poisons, explosives but some times are less dangerous but come under this category such as magnets, bleaches, perfumes, and aerosols.

Dangerous goods are governed by the following law:

  • The Aircraft Act 1934 - Section 5(2) (L) and Section 10(1)

  • The Aircraft Rules 1937 - (Rule 8)

  • The Aircraft (Carriage of Dangerous Goods) Rules, 2003

  • Civil Aviation Requirements – Section 11 – Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Series ‘C’ Part I, - Issue III dated 08th January 2010 (Guidelines and Procedure for Dangerous Goods Inspections)

  • Civil Aviation Requirements – Section 11 – Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Series ‘C’ Part I, Issue III dated 08th January 2010 (Approval of Dangerous Goods Training Programme)

Perishable Goods - Get Fresh with Indigo

Perishable goods are products that need specialized handling and urgency of transportation of goods, it has to be delivered on given time.

Indigo does not accept any perishable goods which need temperature maintenance, While they accept temperature-sensitive shipments. Goods that are accepted by Indigo air cargo are fresh flowers, liquid spaces, fish seed and shrimps, dairy products, pharmaceuticals supplies. you can contact our Customer Relation Management team to know if your goods come under the list or not.

Human Remains

Transportation of human remains by Indian air cargo companies is governed by the Aircraft Rules, 1954 which states:

Dead body or human remains of a person shall not be brought to the country who may have died of yellow fever, anthrax, plague, ganders, or any other disease which is notified by the Central Government for this purpose. Indigo carries human remains for both the domestic and international sectors.

Preferred Packaging of goods for the Indigo air cargo

Indigo cargo inspects that if any packages are overpack or not, that is why we ensure that every packaging is up to mark if it is not we provide packaging solutions to our customers.

  • Properly marked and labeled according to requirements of Indigo Cargo
  • There is no leakage in the packaging
  • Its safety and security has not been fulfilled

Documents needed at the time of acceptance of goods

The following documents are strictly at the time of cargo booking:

  • Properly filled Instruction of Dispatch of Goods
  • Security declaration of the material
  • Photo ID
  • The inner content of the consignment


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