Rail cargo in Guwahati

Guwahati, the capital of Assam and home to the world-famous one-horned rhinoceros, is one of India's best-known tourist destinations. You'll be spoilt for choice in this picturesque city, which is home to the majestic Brahmaputra River and nature's abundance of beauty. Assam's most important export is tea. Aside from tea, the state exports culinary products, petroleum products, pharmaceutical items, cosmetics, textiles, agro and horticulture products, ornamental fish, and agar oil.

Rail Cargo in Guwahati plays an important part in the life of exporters and other people. Indian railway has one of the largest networks in the world. Our network with Indian railways helps you to parcel your goods from Guwahati to any other part of the nation at the doorsteps.

In Guwahati, we found dependable services for our customers. Our facilities are entirely tailored to our customers' requirements. We partner with the well-known train network Rajdhani Express for transportation to important cities (Rajdhani Rail Cargo). You can track your cargo at any moment by contacting our IT and CRM team, who are always available to our customers.

Benefits of Train Cargo in Guwahati:

#1 Largest Transportation Network in India

Train logistics has the world's largest cargo network. Indian railway network is the lifeline of freight transportation. Our railway network covers 68,000 kilometers, making it the world's fourth-largest rail network. You can transfer your goods from Guwahati to any part of the nation India's rail network connects practically all of the country's states and cities. We would deliver door-to-door services of commodities from Patna to PAN India even if it is not connected.

#2 Affordable Mode of Transportation of goods from Guwahati

It is less expensive when compared to other modes of transportation. As, Train cargo in Guwahati carries a larger amount of goods in comparison to road and air logistics and consume less energy. So it is less expensive. The vast majority of railway operational costs are fixed. With each increase in railway traffic, the average cost decreases. In terms of labor, rail transport is also more cost-effective, as one driver and one guard can move significantly more cargo than automotive transit.

#3 Environment Friendly

Nothing beats experiencing the globe while also contributing to its preservation. In comparison to air cargo and surface cargo , one of the most significant advantages of rail cargo services in Guwahati is that it is the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation. Rail travel emits 73% less greenhouse gas than driving. Train cargo account for less than 4% of total transportation gas emissions in India.

#4 Most Reliable Logistics Solution in Guwahati

Rail cargo in Guwahati, unlike air and surface cargo, has the lowest risk of being delayed due to inclement weather or road traffic bottlenecks. In Guwahati, the train has a set departure time for freight. You can completely rely on rail shipments and give someone else a certain time to pick up the products. In Guwahati, most businesses rely on train logistics on a regular basis.

Features of our train cargo services:

  • Your packages will be collected and delivered to your front door.
  • On-time delivery is guaranteed
  • The safest and most cost-effective method of transporting your goods across the country.
  • Regardless of the size of your shipment, we provide you with the best logistical options available.
  • Your shipments and queries will be handled by a highly efficient crew.
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Advanced tracking system

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