Train Cargo in Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its colonial architecture, museums, art galleries, traditional cuisine, temples, music, and theatre. It's a mix of classic and contemporary elements. It is well-known for its theatre and cinema. The music of Rabindra Sangeet may be heard from every dwelling in this land of Rabindranath Tagore. Gems and jewellery, iron and steel, tea, and other commodities are the main exports from the state.

A lot of people and businesses depend on rail cargo services in Kolkata to export their goods to PAN India every day. Rail cargo is the most effective and economical source of transportation of goods. DCCS evaluate your rail supply and logistics chain and confirm that your cargo is handled effectively to ensure that your items are delivered quickly and safely via railway freight services in Kolkata.

Train cargo is the most consumed shipping method used in Kolkata because it is very beneficial and provides a safe & secure journey to the goods. We Provide door-to-door logistics solutions to our clients in Kolkata. We understand the need for people of pick and drop services. Our agent will pick up the commodity from the desired location in Kolkata and deliver it desired location anywhere in PAN India.

Why Choose Train Cargo in Kolkata?

#1 Speed of Train

Except for airways, it travels faster over large distances than any other means of transportation. As a result, it is the greatest option for long-distance travel. Rail transport in Kolkata is more reliable for the shipping of goods. We have partnered ourselves with Rajdhani express for the route of Kolkata to PAN India. It is the fastest cargo train available in India.

#2 Cost-Effective

It is a less expensive form of transportation of commodities when compared to other options. The majority of rail cargo in Kolkata's operating expenses are fixed costs. Every increase in rail traffic is accompanied by a reduction in the average cost. Rail transport is also cost-effective in terms of labour, as one driver and one guard can carry far more cargo than automobile transport that’s why rail freight charges less than road and air cargo services in Kolkata.

#3 Largest Network in India

Train logistics has the world's largest cargo network. On a daily basis, India's railway network is the backbone of commodities movement. Our railway network covers 65,000 kilometres, making it the world's fourth-biggest rail network. India's rail network connects practically all of the country's states and cities. Even if it is not linked, we would supply products delivered from Kolkata to everywhere in India.

#4 Reliability

When compared to other forms of transportation, the main advantage of railway transportation is that it is the most dependable means of transportation since it is least impacted by weather conditions such as showers, fog, and so on. In comparison to other modes of transportation, rail freight in Kolkata may be trusted.

#Security and Safety

The railway is the most secure mode of transportation. In comparison to other forms of transportation, railways have a low risk of accidents and breakdowns. Furthermore, the traffic may be shielded from the sun, rain, snow, and other elements. The railway has the lowest risk of theft since it is impossible to penetrate the train's container in Kolkata.

Features of Rail Cargo:

  • GPS tracking is available for your courier.
  • The most cost-effective and secure form of delivery, available anytime and anyplace in India.
  • We provide pick-up and drop-off services from the convenience of your own home.
  • Provide a low-cost option.
  • All of the express trains are linked together.
  • Low-cost train freight services are also available.

Our CRM team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any inquiries or make rail freight reservations.

Why Chose Us?

Our experts ensure that the items are delivered securely and without damage to the specified places. As a result, extreme caution is exercised throughout the process, from packaging to delivery. In addition, our cutting-edge information management solutions assist clients in keeping a close eye on cargo movement.

Our services are carefully personalized to fit each client's unique needs. We also use the well-known Rajdhani Express train network for travelling between Kolkata to PAN India. DCCS provide 24x7x365 days support to our clients. You can reach our team of experts in Kolkata for any queries regarding booking or prices.

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